Kamchatka travel holding "Krai-Purga"

C.01. "Dzendzur"



    The tourist camp "Dzendzur" is located onthe right bank of the Zhupanova river, 40-minute helicopter flight from Elizovo town. The camp was built in 1998 and is now a tourist complex, on the territory of which there are two hotels, a cantee, a covered swimming pool with thermal water and a helicopter pad. To avoid damage to nature there are wooden footpathes for residents and staff.

    The first hotel is a two-storied wooden building. On the ground floor there are two four-bed rooms. There are two double beds and one two-level bed, a small dining area with a fridge and a big dining table, a shower room and a lavatory in each room. On the first floor there are two rooms as well - a three-bed room and a four-bed room with common  shower and lavatory.

    The second hotel is a two-storied wooden building. On the ground floor there's a family room with a double bed, shower, lavatory and dining area. On the first floor there's a two-bed room. Facilities are on the ground floor.

    In the wooden canteen there is a dining area and a cooking room. There is a satellite TV. The swimming pool is filled with warm mineral water (the temperature of water +40°). The main element in the water composition is carbonic acid gas.


Cost: 20 000 roubles.