Kamchatka travel holding "Krai-Purga"

C.02. "Kedrovaya"


    The camp was built in 1992. It is proud of its highly qualified staff, many members of which has worked since the establishing of the camp. The "Kedrovaya" is tourist complex which consists of a hotel, a canteen and a recreation area. To avoid damage to nature there are wooden footpathes for residents and staff.

    The hotel is a two-storied wooden building. On the ground floor there are two three-bed rooms. Each room has got a shower and a lavatory. In the hall there is a coffee-and-tea table with snacks and beverages as well available around the clock. On the first floor there are four three-bed rooms, each room has got all facilities. In the hall of the first floor one can watch TV, play chess or have a small talk in a comfortable peaceful atmosphere. The canteen is a one-storey wooden building with two rooms - dining area and cooking room. In the canteen there is a satellite TV. The recreation area is one-storey building with a traditional Russian bath-house, a swimming pool and several rooms on the ground floor and a billiard room on the first floor.



Cost: 20 000 roubles.