Kamchatka travel holding "Krai-Purga"

E.03. The Kurilskoye Lake – the Ksudach volcano - the Khodutka Hot Springs

Period: the second half of July - the end of September
Duration: 6 – 7 hours
Transport: Flights are made by helicopters Mi 8T
Number of people in a group: min 18 – max 20
Staff: guide, cook


    The Kurilskoye lake is one of the most scenic and richest in bioresources sites on the peninsula. It is the heart of South-Kamchatka sanctuary. Though not the biggest in size the lake is the deepest waterbody with fresh water in Kamchatka. The largest school of valuable Pacific salmon comes for spawning into the lake. Besides the biggest in Russia brown bear population is amassed in the surroundings of the lake (up to 1000 species). Also we offer you to visit natural monuments - the Ksudatch caldera which shelters two crater lakes and the Khodutka hot springs. The springs' water has got hydrocarbonate-chloride-sodium composition and has a restorative and tonic effect.


  • Departure from the airport “Avachinsky” near the town Yelizovo.
  • Flight to the Kurilskoye Lake (flight time 1 hour 20 min.)
  • Landing on the cape Travyanoy (Grassy) or near the Ozernaya river head.
  • An hour walking excursion with the guide along the lake shore. Watching the scene of bear fishing and salmon run. About 2 millions species of salmon return to the lake to spawn. The spawning season is the most important reason for the brown bear to appear on the lake territory. During the first days of fish run even on the bank of a single river within 2-3 kilometers one can meet up to 30 bears catching fish.
  • Helicopter flight over the pumice rocks Kutkhiny Baty. The rocks resemble giant vertical boats. (flight time 10 min.)
  • Flight to the Ksudatch caldera, a 30-minute walk along the Hot beach.
  • Helicopter flight to the Khodutka Hot Springs (flight time 40 min.)
  • Bathing in the hot river. Lunch.
  • Departure (flight time 40 minutes).

Changes in program is possible because of bad weather conditions.



Cost per one person (in the group of 18 - 20) - 37 000 roubles.


  • Meals: Standard lunch (hot meal)
  • Insurance
  • Items recommended to have: windproof clothes , casual boots, camera, video camera, personal hygienic items and first aid kit, sunglasses, mosquito repellent, sunscreen cream.
  • All other items - just up to you.