Kamchatka travel holding "Krai-Purga"

А.04. Ascending to the volcano Goreliy

Period: July - September
Duration: 1 day
General time of ascending: about 5 hours
Transport during the tour: bus or truck 6WD to transfer tourist to the place of starting
Group number: 10-15


    The Goreliy is a chief member of the Mutnovsko-Gorelovskya volcanic group which only 75 km to the south of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy. The active volcano has got a chain of 11 craters. There are numerous lakes, fumaroles and about 40 side cones with lava flows nearby. The top of the volcano reaches up to 1829 m. The volcano has emitted only ash and smoke since the beginning of the 19th century. Every crater has got its own, often poetic name - "Western", "Active", "Bowl", "Blue Lake", etc. Scientists believe that the volcano got its name because ages ago it threw out a great amount of lava that is stark now. Some lava flows are 9 or 15 km lengthwise. No one has ever been disappointed with this remarkable tour.


  • Departure to the foot of the Gorely volcano (110 km, 3 hours).
  • Tea-drinking with sandwiches. Preparing to the ascending.
  • Ascending volcano, 6 km.
  • Excursion along the craters.
  • Lunch.
  • Return to the car.
  • Departure to the town.


  • Cost per person - on request.
  • Total price includes: transfer; lunch, staff (guide, cook), equipment
  • Total price does not include: individual equipment, insurance


  • Lunch (hot meals).
  • Insurance.
  • Items recommended to have:a backpack, runners, boots (or rubber boots with firm soles), windproof clothes, sweater, spare socks, hat or cap, gloves, personal hygienic items and first aid kit, flashlight, sunglasses, mosquito repellent, sunscreen cream.
  • All other items - just up to you.