Kamchatka travel holding "Krai-Purga"

Р.02. Rafting and fishing tour on the Zhupanova river.

Duration: 8 days / 7 nights.
Period : July - September.
Fishing objects: rainbow trout, loach, East Siberian char, king salmon, dog salmon, silver salmon.
Transport: minibus, helicopters Mi-8, Mi-2, motor boats.
Fishing method: sport fishing (fly fishing), spin fishing, catch and release technique. 
Accommodation: tourist camp on the Zhupanova river, tourist base “Purga”, Elizovo town.
Group number: 4-6


    For some people river is just a flow of water. But not for a fisherman. For him the river is a whole world with its own rules, omens, and rites. This world is painted into different colours and full of ups and downs and unforgettable moments of triumph. In fishing a lot depends on fisherman experience, tackle, bait, and good fortune. But still it is the river that predestines your lot.

    The Zhupanova river has always been known as benevolent and generous. Its fine nature can be explained by the fact that along its stream (242 km) there's even not a single built-up area. Secondly, the Zhupanova river is the first Kamchatka river aimed at sport fishing. Finally, the river is assigned to one owner - "Krai-Purga" holding which sees to the preservation and inviolability of this place. All these factors explain such a diversity of fish. Among permanent visitors of the river there are rainbow trout, loach, East Siberian char, and all kind of Pacific salmon - king salmon, dog salmon, silver salmon, etc.

    One fishing day reminds a plot of some old fairy tale. You're fishing to the accompaniment of gentle murmur of water, there's a a sea eagle soaring above or probably a merlin or a peregrin. To your right or to your left there's your permanent neighbour, collegue and competitor - a big brown bear. On the bank there's a sly red fox waitingfor the leftovers of the bear's feast.

    All this is possible and real here in Kamchatka.


  • Day 1. Arrival to Kamchatka. Meeting at Elizovo airport. Transfer to the heliport (20 min). Flight to the tourist camp "Krai-Purga" on the Zhupanova river by Mi-8, Mi-2 helicopters (40-50 min). Accommodation. Dinner. Fishing.
  • Day 2-6. Fishing time together with rafting. Breakfast. Going along the river on motor boats. Fishing. Lunch. Fishing. Dinner. Overnight rest in the tourist camp.
  • Day 7. Return to Elizovo. Breakfast. Packing up. Fishing. Lunch. Flight to the town. Accommodation in Elizovo. Dinner. For extra pay bathing in thermal swimmimg pools are possible as well as city tour, visiting fish market and souvenirs shop are possible.
  • Day 8. Departure from Kamchatka. Breakfast. Transfer to Elizovo airport.



Cost per one person : 240 000 roubles.

Total price includes: tranfer, helicopter flights, fishing license, insurance, accommodation in the tourist camp on the Zhupanova river as well as in Elizovo town, hot meals three times a day, motor boats and rafts rent (1 boat and 1 guide for 2-3 people), staff serviice (fishing guide, cooks, chambermaids).

Total price doesn't include: fishing tackles, personal equipment, beverages, cigarettes.


  • Fishing tour usually starts on Saturdays.
  • Changes in the programme are possible due to meteorological conditions. In this case tourists are accommodated on the tourist base "Purga", Elizovo town. Flight to the fishing area is carried out when the weather is fine at the first opportunity.
  • There are no cellular communications on the Zhupanova river.
  • Tourists must have their own fishing tackles and special clothing items.
  • Items recommended to have: warm clothes (water- and windproof jacket with a hood, trousers, sweater, gloves, hat, layered clothing, high boots, waders, personal hygienic items and first aid kit, matches or lighter, flashlight, sunglasses, mosquito repellent, sunscreen cream, camera, binoculars.