Kamchatka travel holding "Krai-Purga"

H.01. Spring Hunting (Brown Bear)

Hunting season: 1 May - 20 May
7 days
Area of hunting: Elizovo region
Kind of hunting:
individual, by stalking, driven hunt.
skis, snowmobiles “Buran”, helicopter Mi-2, motorboats, off-road vehicles
Accommodation: tourist base on the Zhupanova river (comfortable lodgings, electricity, hot shower, toilets in each room, dining room)
bear-skin, skull
Number of hunters:


    Men have been hunting since prehistoric times. With the evolution of human society methods and purposes of animal chasing kept on changing. In primitive communities hunting was the main source of food as well as part of rites and rituals. Today hunting is one of the most challenging and exciting types of rivalry. Any hunter who doesn't trade on barbarous animal killing, can put his name to this statement.

    The big brown only seems to be clumsy and sluggish. In fact, he's quick, strong, artful and dangerous. The bear is a deserving competitor to a man armed with a gun. Kamchatka brown bear can give a start even to the most experienced hunter. It's the largest representative of brown bear in Russia - its height can be more than 3 meters and weight reaches up to 700-800 kg.

    The Kamchatka peninsula is a true bear's corner. There's the largest furry population - 10 000 species. This is the very place where a real hunter can check his skills not damaging the whole "in-toed" population. Hunting for a Kamchatka brown bear is possible twice a year: in spring and in autumn.

     Tourism holding "Kray-Purga" offers a 7-day spring hunting tour for the master of Kamchatka taiga which is going to be the best time of your life.


  • Day 1. Arrival. Meeting the hunters at Elizovo airport. Transfer to the helicopter pad. Flight by Mi-2 or Mi-8 helicopter to the Zhupanova river. Accommodation. Dinner. Overnight.
  • Day 2-6. Hunting. during these 6 days hunters are living in one of the tourist camps and hunt in hunting grounds on the Zhupanova river. Each hunter has one jaeger, which ensures 150-meter approach to the animal twice. Hunters also can try their luck in sport fishing. On the 6 day at night back flight to elizovo. Accommodation in the tourist camp "Purga". Dinner.
  • Day 7. Departure. Breakfast. Transfer to the airport.



Cost per one person : 330 000 rubles.

Total price includes: tranfer, helicopter flights, fishing license, insurance, accommodation in the tourist camp on the Zhupanova river as well as in Elizovo town, hot meals three times a day, staff services, weapon permit, veterinary certificate, hunting license, trophy packing.



  • Hunting: each hunter has got one jaeger, which ensures 150-meter approach to the animal twice.If the hunter refuses to shoot - hunting is considered to be done. In case of successful hunting, company guarantees that trophy size will be more than 2 meters. All hunters are offered fishing for rainbow trout and loach on the "catch and release" principle.
  • Hunting ground: total area of comany's hunting ground is more than 670 000 hectares on the Zhupanova river.
  • Staff:  jaeger, interpreter, cook, maids.
  • Accommodation: tourist camps are provided with all necessary facilities - electricity, hot shower, bathroom in each room, canteen. Single and double rooms.
  • Three meals a day.
  • Transport: minivan, Mi-2/Mi-8 helicopters, snowmobiles, skis.