Kamchatka travel holding "Krai-Purga"


Tours across Kamchatka

(package cost per person, group number 10-12 people)

Т.01. Kamchatka motifs  (11 days) 60 000 rub.
Т.02  Gold legends of Kamchatka (9 days) on request
Т.03 Express tour across kamchatka  52 000 rub.
Weekend tours:
Т.04. Ascending the Avacha volcano (2 days)  
Т. 05. Rafring on the Bystraya river (3 days) 13 800 rub.
Т. 06. Ascending the Mutnovskiy and Goreliy volcano (3 days) 14 200 rub.

Hunt and fishing

(package cost per person, group number 4-6 people)


Fishing on the Zhupanova river                  

                                                           290 000 rub.


 Helicopter excursions

(package cost per person, group number 18-21 people)

E.01. The Valley of Geysers - the Zhupanova river 34 000 rub.
E.02. The Valley of Geysers - the Caldera of the Uzon volcano - the Zhupanova river (from July to September)  37 000 rub.
E.03. The Kurilskoye lake - the Ksudach volcano - Khodutka hot springs (from June to September)  37 000 rub.
E.04. The Nalychevskiye hot springs  15 000 rub.
E.05. Flying round the Avachinskiy, the Koryakskiy volcanoes - the Nalychevskiye hot springs on request

Automobile and walking tours

(package cost per person, group number 10-15 people)

А.01. Rafting on the Bystraya river  rub.
А.02. Ascending the Avacha volcano  5 000 rub.
А.03. Hiking tour to the Vachkazhez volcano 6 000 rub.

А.04. Ascending the Goreliy volcano

6 000  rub.
А.05. Excursion to Malkinskiye hot springs  5 000 rub.
А.06. Excursion the Viluchinskiy waterfall 6 000 rub.
А.07. Excursion to the Itelmen village 6 000 rub.
А.08. Excursion to the coast of the Pacific ocean 5 000 rub.

Sea tours

(package cost per person, group number 10-15 people)

S.01. 6-hour trip across the Avacha bay                                         5 500 rub.  

Accommodation in tourist camps

(cost per person for 24 hours)

Dzendzur, Kedrovaya 35 000 rub.