Kamchatka travel holding "Krai-Purga"

Т.06. Ascending the Mutnovskiy and the Goreliy volcanoes

Available: July – September.
Duration of the programme: 3 days.
Altitude drops during ascending is about 800-900 m.


    Only 70 km to the south-west from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy there is the Mutnovsko-Gorelovskaya group of volcanoes that stars the cream of the crop - The Mutnosvkiy and the Goreliy volcanoes.

    The route to these troublesome giants lies through the most beautiful mountain lacet of the Viluchinskiy pass. From its southern side the Mutnovskoye plateau opens up before your eyes, with ancien lava constructions of the Goreliy volcano and  smoking cone of the Mutnovskiy volcano, from the eastern side there is a well-shaped Kamchatka's dandy - the Viluchinskiy volcano.

    Afterwards you will find yourself in the valley hidden between mountains and slopes of the Viluchinskiy volcano. If John Ronald Tolkien had only seen this place, his hobbit would have definitely made his unexpected journey up here. The Viluchinskiy waterfall is rumbling and glittering in the sunlight, a little bit further there are Rodnikoviy hot springs.

    30 km in the cross-country vehicle and you will end up at the foot of one of the most active volcanoes on the peninsula - the Mutnovskiy volcano. His absolute height is 2323 m. Though being not the highest, it has got the largest crater among kamchatka volcanoes - 3 km lenghtwise and 1,5 km in bredth, the depth of the crater makes up nearly 500 m! During fairly simple ascending you will see a glacier, crater lakes with sulphur lumps, multicoloured stained-glass, mud pots and, of course, the most powerful fumarole fields. The Mutnovskiy is nicknamed "mini valley of geysers' not in vain, downward there is a geothermal electric power plant with the highest capacity in Russia.

    Then conquering the Goreliy volcano is awaiting for you. A lot of tourists believe that its craters are the finest and the most mysterious. Inside one of the craters there is a blue lake with sky-blue water. another lake - a Bowl - also has got a lake, but the water is of purple colour.

    This trip may not be long but, undoubtedly, memorable and animated. It will show your the true beauty of Kamchatka as well as Red book plants, birds and animals, geysers and snowy cones, just at once.


  • Day 1. Visiting the Rodnikoviy hot springs.

Departure from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy at 9 am. Crossing the Viluchinskiy pass to the Viluchinskiy waterfall. A short break to get a bite at the Spokoyniy stream (the Quiet stream). Descent with no luggage to the waterfall and hot springs (3 km, 30 min). Bathing in miraculous hot springs. Return to the car. Lunch. Drive  to the bottom of the Mutnovskiy volcano (30 km, 2 h). Camping at 1000 m height. Exploring the picturesque surroundings. Dinner a the fire. Overnight rest.

  • Day 2. Ascending the Mutnovskiy volcano.

Early breakfast. Start at 8 am (height of the volcano is 2323 m). Walk to the bottom of the volcano (12 km, 3 h). Altitude drop during ascending is about 800 m.On the way - fumarole field, active crater, glacier, multicoloured outcrops. *The Mutnovskiy volcano is active, its latest eruption took place in 2000 and was accompanied by heavy emissions of ashes and rocks. Snacks. Return to the camp by 7 pm. Dinner at the fire. Overnight rest.

  • Day 3. Ascending to the Goreliy volcano.

Early breakfast. Drive to the goreliy volcano (10 km, 1 h). start of the ascending at 10 am (height of the volcano - 1828 m). Ascending lasts for 6 hours. Altitude drop is about 900 m. On the way there are active craters. From the top one can see the Mutnovskiy, the Opala, the Asacha volcanoes. Return to the car by 9 pm. Return to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy.


Cost of the tour for 1 person: 8 600 roubles.

Group: 10-12 people

Cost include: transportation, breakfasts at the hotels, meals on the route (three meals a day, fresh cooked), guides, cook, equipment for camping and field kitchen,.

Not included: personal equipment, insurance.


  • Staff:
    guide in each raft, cook.
  • Meals:
    3 meals a day.
  • Transport duriing the tour:
  • Accommodation:
  • Items recommended to have:
    a backpack, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, runners, , boots (or rubber boots with firm soles) , windproof clothes , training suit, sweater, pants, coat with a hood, raincoat , spare socks, hat or cap, gloves, swimming items, personal hygienic items and first aid kit, matches or lighter, flashlight, sunglasses, mosquito repellent, sunscreen cream, extra little backpack or a bag (up to 30 liters capacity). All other items - just up to you.